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Over 30,000+ people living a happy and healthy professional life just by following my 4 step De-Stress Blueprint "How to ensure workplace wellbeing".

Would You Like To Discover A Shortcut To
Overcome office Stress?
make Stress your Friend
Are you constantly caught under work-stress? Do you find that you have trouble working or adjusting in the corporate world? Do you often feel that your well-being at the work-place needs care and counseling?
Unlock the Secrets and Learn How to Stop the Cycle of Corporate Stress, Work Anxiety, and Fear So You Can Regain Control of Your Workplace well-being.
My Offering for Corporates



Half day/2 Full Day workshops available at your office premises to have a mindful work-culture and motivated staff.

Providing remote sessions to firms and organizations to overcome their loopholes and ensure better employee productivity.

Customized Counselling

You can hire me for 1-2 full day to have face to face counselling for your Staff at a very nominal price.

I can manage my counselling time for one session somewhere between 40 minutes to 90 minutes based on our agreement.


I am also open for KeyNote Session in your organization.

about me

dd yadav

De-Stress Coach

I am Deen Dayal Yadav (famously known as De-Stress Guru DD) Digital Transformation expert turned Personal Transformational Coach, International Speaker, and Author. I am one of the best Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and De-Stress Guru in the Country.

I am 3 times Amazon #1 best-seller author for my books “How to make Stress your friend”, “Yog Nidra and Stress” and “Mindfulness: Amazing way for meaningful life style”.

Books by DD Yadav

author of 2 books on Stress management (2 more coming soon)
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How to Make Stress Your Friend

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An Amazing Tool for inner Peace Mindfulness

Program highlights

full day/half day workshop

Based on the time-frame decided, workshops full day or half-day would be conducted to help employees speak up and ensure retention.

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bridging the management gap

Quite often it happens that management is unaware of what is happening in the organization. Bridging the gap is very important to ensure employee satisfaction.


Increasing efficiency and productivity

Bettering the work environment through mindful practices thereby ensuring better efficiency and productivity.

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Dedicated attention

This will be private workshop for your organization only and you will get a full personal touch. I will cover on your pain point and will work on the solution. 

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Progress tracking

Your progress will be tracked in this 90 days program. DD will have an eye on your progress and he will guide you for this complete journey.

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More than 10 different exercises

There will be more than 10 different De-Stress excercises related to physical, clear emotional mess, make a pure customised action plan and make you emotional standalone.

unlock your potential

how the program works

offline workshop

4 hours to 2 Days

I will provide Offline Sessions between 4 hours to 16 hours. I am flexible for scheduling. Like contentious for 4 hours to 2 working Days. Or I can also offer this course in chunk of 4 hours in one day also for 4 weeks.

Progress tracking

2 Follow-Up Calls

This is a pure result oriented program. There will be no fluff, no nonsense stuff. I will track your progress of the group and I will share next step.


90 Days

I will hold your hand for 90 days and will show you path to overcome Stress and become a cool, calm and a successful person.

Do you want to get stress FREE life

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Program details

In your office premises


Practical Session

Solution Oriented

Interactive sessions

De-stress blueprint

Mindfulness Techniques

Customized Program

This will be a purely customized program based on your problem and solutions.

Interactive sessions

2 way discussions to know your corporate issues.

De-stress Blueprint

Step-by-step action plan to make you Stress-free

3 monthly qnA call

Value : Rs.6,000

Monthly QnA group call with DD to discuss your queries and doubts.

2 Progress tracking call

Value : Rs.6,000

Monthly group call with DD, where he will check your progress and guide you.


Stress Workbook

Value : Rs.10,000

This is flagship workbook of DD and backbone of this program.

Stress Meter tool

Value : Rs.10,000

To measuring your stress type and level, so you get your customizes action plan.

Self-Awareness tool

Value : Rs.10,000

To measuring your stress type and level, so you get your customizes action plan.

First Aid tool for Stress

Value : Rs.5,000

You will get a first aid box for Stress, to release stress instantly.


I have a customized solution for unique problem. Please contact me for query related to Dates availability, City and Charges. I am open to have a discussion on your problem and possible solution.

Please fill below Form and I will revert back, as early as possible.

Please feel free to reach me here:



[email protected]
+(44) 7760-904-105


What My mentee Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how the whole workshop will work.

The course starts with 3 days residential workshop and will finish after 90 days from start date of residential workshop.

This is a unique program which will help you to get rid from Stress/Anxiety/Restlessness and Depression

90 days starting with 3 days residential workshop.

Because this is a 90 days program, it’s not possible to schedule this program completely offline. We will start with a 3 days residential program and a few part of this program will be online like monthly Q&A call and monthly tracking call.

This call will be scheduled on 2nd Wednesday of month at 9 PM IST. Tracking call – This call will be scheduled on 4th Wednesday of month at 9 PM IST.

We will record this call and will provide access to these videos till 90 days to all participants.

You will join workshop and you will get your own workbook. Then you need to follow step by step system as per your workbook. You need to complete monthly exercises and revert to back to me. I will help you when and where you will face any problem.

This will start on November 1st, 2019 and will over on 31st January, 2020.

You will be part of my mastermind group for next 1 year. You can ask as many questions as you want in mastermind community.