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How to make Your Friend

This Program Helps You To De-Stress Your Mind And Have A Control Over Your Thoughts So That You Can Make Stress Your Friend. My Program Covers Both Aspects Of The Stress-Management And Emotional Intelligence. I Have Already Helped Thousands Of People To Manage Their Stress.
Real Reason

Why this needed

I was in stress for more than 5 years and I know the pain and problems. Today Stress killing people more than any other disease but sadly no one doing anything about this. Available medicines can provide short term relief, but their side effects are even worse than relief. 

While I was in stress, I did all the possible things,  but I did not get any relief. I know the pain of sleepless nights and heavy mind. My mind was continuously unstable with multiple things running in my head. Medicines were showing side effects and totally my life was a mess. 
Then I tried alternate things, some worked for a shorter time, some did not. I tried more than 15 things and finally, I came out with a proven technique. I applied to myself, applied to many of my clients and continuously I keep improving these methods. 
Now I have a proven Stress Management Program, which can surely help anyone in coming out from Stress and in my words make stress your friend.

This Is My Flagship Program To Boost Your Confidence And Unleashing Your True Real Inner Power. This Program Will Make You Unstoppable. My Program Covers Both Aspects Of The Self-Driven And Winning Strategy. I Have Already Helped Thousands Of People To Reach Their Peak-Performance.

What I have for you

I Am Offering Customized "2 Full Day Stress Management" Workshops To Overcome Stress Related Issues.

I Know Everyone Have Specific Problem Areas And They Need Support To Those Issues. For Every Different Issue, The Solution Is Customized To Get A Perfect Way Out.

I Will Mould My Content Based On Problem Areas Of Participants, So You Can Get Fast And Workable Outcome.

If you are unable to attend a physical workshop that I conduct in different parts, you can also register for my webinars where I share healthy and quick solutions to destress your mind.

For a much better experience and to get solutions directly for your problem areas, do book a 1:1 session with me.

4 steps De-stress blueprint



First of all stop fighting with yourself and accept problem as it is.


Now do an impartial retrospective and identify root cause.


I will share my proven tools to fix your problem permanently.



Transform your life using my tools to live life happily.

What I will cover

This is complete workshop I will cover below points:

  • What exactly is Stress and Mental Health
  • Why having a healthy mind is a MUST
  • Science and Art of Stress
  • 4 Steps De-Stress BluePrint
  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness Exercises
  • Yoga Nidra and Yoga Nidra exercises to overcome Stress
  • Measure Stress using Stress-Meter Tool
  • Measure depth of connection level with loved ones
  • Balancing life-Wheel 
  • How to control irrational thoughts?
  • How to practice self-love?
  • How to gain a new life experience altogether?
  • Other exercises based on time and need of participants
More about Program


1. Realization

This is one of the most important steps; Clarity is the key for any success. I will share tolls which will identify root cause of your problem.

2. Reflection

Your Stress is there for a reason and your stress is trying to share something. By using my tool “Stress Meter” we are going to measure your stress. Using “Reflector” tool we are going to measure self assessment.

3. Rewire

Here I am going to share next course of action based on your stress. Here we will apply tools to fill the Gap between You and Stress. We are going to use tools to use power of Stress for betterment. Also we are going to mastery over our skills so we can utilize our potential fully.

4. Rejuvenate

Celebrate your victory over Stress and now learn how to be how to mastery over Stress.

What will be next course of action? Does/ Doesn’t.

Do you want to get stress FREE life

What you will get

Who am I

dd yadav

De-Stress Coach

I am Deen Dayal Yadav (famously known as De-Stress Guru DD) Digital Transformation expert turned Personal Transformational Coach, International Speaker, and Author. I am one of the best Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and De-Stress Guru in the Country.

Stress management ideas resonate with readers and hence I was fortunate enough to be Amazon’s #1 best-seller author for 2 of my books, “How to make Stress your friend” and “Mindfulness”. Two more book is coming out shortly from my pen one on the topic of “Yoga Nidra” and “Art and Science of Stress”.
I do not just talk

Why me?

Because I know

  • How a Stressed person effect company direct and indirectly
  • How a stressed person feel
  • How this impact workplace
  • How to handle this
  • How to give them basic support
  • And how to help them to reach their Peak-Performance
  • Human behavior and basic need of human.

Proven System

  • This is a result oriented program. 
  • There will be no fluff, no nonsense stuff. 
  • I have successfully implemented this system on over 30K people across the Globe. 


I worked for 15+ years in Corporates and I know how exactly we work in Corporate and what is expectations.

Because I have worked 16000+ Hours as a Successful Manager.

So my primary target will be Spread an Awareness “Company First” approach with Work-Life Balance.

Books by DD Yadav

author of 4 books on Stress management
How to Make Stress Your Friend
Yoga Nidra (Upcoming)
Everything about stress (Upcoming)

What My mentee Say



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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions that should give you some insight into how the whole workshop will work.

The course starts with 3 days residential workshop and will finish after 90 days from start date of residential workshop.

This is a unique program which will help you to get rid from Stress/Anxiety/Restlessness and Depression

90 days starting with 3 days residential workshop.

Because this is a 90 days program, it’s not possible to schedule this program completely offline. We will start with a 3 days residential program and a few part of this program will be online like monthly Q&A call and monthly tracking call.

This call will be scheduled on 2nd Wednesday of month at 9 PM IST. Tracking call – This call will be scheduled on 4th Wednesday of month at 9 PM IST.

We will record this call and will provide access to these videos till 90 days to all participants.

You will join workshop and you will get your own workbook. Then you need to follow step by step system as per your workbook. You need to complete monthly exercises and revert to back to me. I will help you when and where you will face any problem.

This will start on November 1st, 2019 and will over on 31st January, 2020.

You will be part of my mastermind group for next 1 year. You can ask as many questions as you want in mastermind community.


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