How to end the feeling of loneliness?

How to end the feeling of loneliness

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You’re not alone that felt alone. I vividly remember the time when I was occupied by stressful situations in my life. Everything around me seemed like a mess and there is nothing I could see that could heal me. I turned up myself into complete LONELINESS but you know what? You are never alone until you want to be.

I know the deep darkness which everyone wants to end, but do you really know how?

Here are a few things you should do for a self-healing process-

Define your loneliness

Be clear of why you are calling yourself alone. Is it because there are no humans around you or there are many people but nobody who can actually take care of you, love you or be a compatible friend.

If there is no one around you and you feel short of heads, then it’s better to change your stay where you can feel the footsteps. If there is a crowd around you and you still feel alone, then try to be friends with people near you so that they can be close to you and you don’t feel alone.

Be your own friend

Before calling yourself lonely, know that you are there for yourself and respect that. There is no one more compatible and understanding that you yourself. You are never lonely because you have yourself and you can trust yourself the most. Not every mate is a companion. Not every companion is trust-worthy.

It is better to stop expecting people to be there for you and learn to be contented with yourself. Once you know how powerful breathing alone is, you would not like to be surrounded by humans.

Be your own friend, talk to yourself, answer your own questions, wipe your own tears and be your own reason to smile. Trust me it’s not abnormal, it’s the true mark of strength.

Learn to be social

If you really want to be friends with others and be surrounded by mates who are there in just one call, you would have to learn to be social. Being social is not talking to everyone, but the comfort you provide to others who want to talk to you or someone who meets you. You should know when, how and what to talk.

Once you provide them with some value and it reaches them, they’ll reciprocate with warmth and ultimately you start sharing a bonding with them. You would never feel alone if you have even one good friend.

Pick up a hobby

On the off chance that you have something to do which you love to do, you could never have the opportunity to lament or feel negative about you or anything around you. Past time is the point at which you give some relaxation uninterrupted alone time. Spoil yourself with your best pastime.

Move, sing, paint or whatever your cerebrum reacts to. In any case, when you teach yourself in rehearsing your leisure activity, you discharge the satisfaction hormones and you don’t disregard an opportunity to feel or miserable.

Adopt a pet

On the off chance that you’re attached to creatures, at that point trust me you’ll never feel alone. Felines or pooches whatever you love, simply get and let them enter your life. You can see your life-changing totally. Also, as it’s been said, particularly for hounds that they are more faithful than people so you don’t generally have trust issues that you profoundly feel while managing people. Their sacrificial love will never make you feel alone. Despite the fact that they can’t talk they will in every case express their adoration for you and that affection will be your best buddy.

Think about others. Social research shows a link between self-focus and loneliness. This surely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reflect on your emotions, but it does mean you shouldn’t let that become your only motive. If you extend your focus to others, your loneliness may eventually fade. Studies suggest that volunteering, for example, helps people feel more socially connected and emotionally fulfilled, which fights feelings of loneliness.

The easiest way to extend your focus is to find a group of people you can help. Volunteer at a hospital, soup kitchen, or homeless shelter. Join a support group. Get involved with a charity. Be a big brother or sister. Everyone out there is fighting a battle; maybe you could help them with theirs.

Read good books

If you’re fond of reading then probably it’s a little easier for you to get out of your negative overthinking. There are some great motivational books that help you to train your mind to become more strong. Those books are nothing without practice though. Whatever you read, try to imbibe that in your life and behavior. Only then you’ll be able to transform your emotional quotient and be mentally strong.

Here’s a book that might help you in your journey towards a better self. These success stories would make you realize how to deal with different life situations and come out of it like a fighter who is ALONE BUT STRONG.


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