Here’s how to make your 20’s the most memorable phase!

make 20's the most memorable phase

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Want to make your 20’s the most memorable phase?

Though I’ve crossed my 20’s I can definitely tell you through my experiences and mistakes about what you should/shouldn’t do in your 20’s.

It is one of the best phases in anybody’s life and everyone wants to make these years memorable and worth living. Leaving your mark is possible only at this age if you are able to build your mental wiring.

Did someone say relationships?

This is the most important thing to talk about when you are in your 20’s. You’ll meet a lot of temporary people in your life and many of them will just take advantage of what you have and possess. Others will come just to cheat on you and only a handful of people would come as a beautiful memory and strong support.

The most important thing would be to identify those!

It is also one of the most challenging things since everyone comes with a beautiful mask and you need to identify those hidden faces.

When I talk about relationships I don’t necessarily mean couples, but also acquaintances, friends, mentors etc. You need to know the power of vibes and influence before allowing anybody else to enter your tribe.

So, one of the most important things to do in 20’s is to identify the good and the bad people. Embrace the good and swipe away the bad influence.

Be ready to serve your pockets

This is the time where you think about your life beyond your gully cricket routine and homework sessions. You have to make your life and stand up on your own feet. you have to decide where do you want to lead your life to and where do you want to see yourself in the coming years.

Financing one’s own self could be the biggest challenge as you enter your 20’s but alongside you will eventually realize that it is your responsibility to pick your career path and pay your bills.

You will realize that it is not that easy to be pocket loaded. It takes sweat and smile to earn a living and even more to earn your wants.

Your college days have ended or about to end and you have entered the new big world where you are only there for yourself.

One of the most important things to do in your 20’s is to pick your career path and finance yourself for your needs and wants. Gone are the days when your father was your ATM. Now you’ll hiccup over every payment you make.

But fortunately, if you’re able to earn well, you’ll not be subdued by the expenses of your living standards

Travel often

Travel often, getting lost will help you find yourself. This is the best time when you are independent and self-financing and you have the ability to afford trips and travel alone. Traveling solo or in groups, both have their own benefits.

If you are not ready to see the world at this age, no age would be more perfect for you. the world is huge and you are not even a tiny drop in the entire ocean. Don’t make it more late to plan your trips.

Saving is fine, but it is also important to take breaks out of your monotonous life and go for healthy trips.

That would not only help you grab some young life memories but also ensure your proper mental health and mindful life.

If you trap yourself in the job-to-home life, you’ll invite stress and anxiety situations and that would eventually make it difficult for you to come out.

Try new things

Don’t bore your life by following the same thing over the years. It’s your life and you have the complete right over it. Do different things and give life a chance.

Trust me, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your best version if you have the guts to take risks.

I know it sounds a bit over the mark, but when you are ready to face your fears and challenge your inner self, you become a source of inspiration for yourself and you yourself will motivate yourself each day.

Trying new things does not mean that you are not consistent. It just means that you have the guts to take risks and you are not afraid to cross your comfort zone.

Network more

This is the best time where you can start building your professional network and get to know new and different people. Try networking with more and more people to know exactly how it goes and to learn new things that you might not be knowing otherwise.

People can teach you more than books and once you start knowing the tactics to converse and network with people, you can actually realize how you can learn from each and every person, whether professional and practical things or personal attributes.

Maybe it is also possible that you might realize how well you have been raised by your parents once you more and more people.

I’ve realized one thing in life that the more people I meet the more I know the world where I live in. And the network that I made in my 20’s has benefitted me till today. But the only thing that we have to be careful about as already discussed above is to find the difference between productive and unproductive people. A bad company can ruin you. But a good company can change you entirely and help you grow both personally and professionally.

Your 20’s is the best phase in your life provided you can make it the most memorable phase and make fewer mistakes. Don’t try to be perfect but try to avoid mistakes and learn from other’s mistakes. Life is not coming twice, and ’20s is definitely not coming again. No matter how much you try to relive in your 50’s you cannot bring that back. So don’t sit back and let life happen. Dance up and make that happen.

Enjoy your 20’s and let life embrace you.

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